How to lose weight FAST: This sport burns 900 calories in 60 minutes


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OH MY BOD: Here’s how to burn 900 calories in an hour (Pic: GETTY)

Looking to tone up for Christmas party season?

Instead of waiting to make a New Year’s Resolution, you should consider taking up a new activity.

Swimming is one of Britain’s favourite activities as it helps to burn fat and get your endorphins pumping.

Decathlon estimates that 53% of female gym-goers practice their breast stroke on a regular basis.

So how many calories does swimming burn?

Harvard Medical School reveals that swimming can torch up to 900 calories in an hour.

A 13st person who splashes around in the pool for 60 minutes can expect to burn 532kcal.

This figure increases for those doing backstroke, as this blasts 720kcal in the same time frame.

Breast stroke, treading water and doing laps are also effective ways to lose weight.

In these instances, 13st fitness fans can shed around 888 calories.

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FEEL THE BURN: Going for a dip helps to blast body fat (Pic: GETTY)

Making your swimming sessions trickier will increase your heart rate, leading to the body burning more calories.

Here are five ways to make the exercise even tougher:

1. Use resistance bands

These products make movement more difficult.

They’re great for strength training and focusing the fat-burn onto specific areas of the body.

2. Switch strokes

Different techniques target different areas of the body, as well as working a variety of muscle groups.

Butterfly and breast-stroke are said to be the most effective moves for calorie burn.

Alternating the two can help gym bunnies to achieve the best results.

3. Rest less

While regular breaks are advised, try to keep your body moving while you’re resting.

Those who ensure their heart rate is kept up will likely to torch more calories.

4. Sprint

Fast-paced strokes make you work harder than a leisurely paddle.

Try swimming in intervals or at high speeds next time you’re in the pool.

5. Focus on specific body parts

Challenge yourself to move by kicking your legs or moving your arms in isolation.

This will exert the areas more than moving your entire body in one go would. 

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